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Chelsea Torres is SpanglishBaby’s Book Editor and a regular contributor. She is not a native Spanish speaker, but is raising her Latino son to be bilingual. A graduate of Rollins College, Chelsea lives in Orlando with her blended family.

Learn Spanish: The Little Blue Jackal iPad App {Giveaway}

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We may have a bookshelf full of bilingual books in our house, but sometimes it’s fun to mix it up. The world of apps makes it easy to do just that. Instead of simply reading a story and maybe talking about it for a few minutes, we can extend the benefit of Spanish stories by letting our kids explore apps like Learn Spanish: Little Blue Jackal by Niyaa. This iPad app is a high-quality learning tool that can be usedRead More ...

Books & Libros: The World Almanac for Kids 2013 {Giveaway}

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  Before the days of Google, I remember turning to encyclopedias and almanacs for information. School projects can become excuses to brush up on all kinds of topics when you have a picture-filled reference book. Almanacs have come a long way since I was in school, though. The World Almanac for Kids 2013 has kept my family entertained for a week straight. We’ve quizzed each other on the order of U.S. Presidents, learned which planets are the biggest and hottest,Read More ...

The Lorax DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack {Giveaway}

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What’s my favorite kind of animated movie? The kind that has a larger message – a meaning that relates to its entire audience, not just to kids. With its conservation-related moral and classic Dr. Seuss style, Universal’s The Lorax is definitely one I can sit through a thousand times! Lucky for me, I have the newly released DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack! The pack includes the movie in HD, three adorable mini-movies, an Ultraviolet digital copy that can be streamed on aRead More ...

Can the Latin Diet Be Healthy?

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One of my biggest challenges this summer has been cooking for three kids, three times a day. Although I like to cook when I have time, space and money, those factors have been seriously lacking of late. We have certain staples that are always a hit (cinnamon pancakes…for dinner!), but I’ve discovered a roadblock that I didn’t expect. The greatest obstacle to keeping their bellies happy? Requests for Latin foods that I don’t know how to make, or (more often)Read More ...

Soar With Reading for the Second Year in a Row! {Giveaway}

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As multicultural families, we all know that travel is an important part of raising well-rounded kids. When we can, hopping on a JetBlue flight is a great way to expose them to other worlds. But even when we’re too busy to leave home, we can take the niños on plenty of aventuras just by opening a book. For the second year, JetBlue is showing its support for literary adventures through its Soar With Reading campaign. Along with PBS Kids, JetBlueRead More ...

The Natural Evolution of A Bilingual Child’s Language Skills

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I’ve had ample quality time with my stepdaughters this summer, which means I’ve been watching them interact with my son in surprisingly bilingual ways. The girls are 12 and 10 years old, entrenched in English at school and accustomed to using Spanish only at their abuelos’ house. One of them is much more comfortable with Spanish than the other and it sometimes appears that they have rejected the language altogether, but observing their play with my 4-year-old tells a differentRead More ...

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