Every once in a while we like for you to be the expert and help us give out advice to fellow parents going through the same issues we all go through.  Today, Blanca Pedroza shares with us her frustration and reaches out for some heartfelt advice.  We really appreciate your input

Dear SpanglishBaby,

This happened at my daughter’s English preschool where only 3 year olds attend: While her friend Amy spoke in Spanish, Mariana (a monolingual Latina student) told Amy “why are you talking like that? Talk normal!” (while giving her a dirty look as well). I was shocked and later was upset at myself for not enlightening this little girl. Luckily, I don’t think Amy understood her. It never crossed my mind that I would have to prepare my 3 year old daughter for such a situation at this age. Once again, I’m second guessing the fact that maybe we should begin to use the OPOL method instead of only Spanish. I would like my own daughter Carolina to be able to defend herself in both languages, if necessary.

Thank you,


Please share your thoughts and words of wisdom in the comments section below.  Gracias.

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