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Tyson Furys participation with WWE is not the first time a superstar from a valid sport has ventured to the world that is — and its not likely to be the last.
Crossing over to the other was a convention in wrestling heading back into the times of matches like Japanese legend Antonio Inoki in the 1970s and the ones involving Muhammad Ali.
Big names in the world of sports – notably the NFL – have found themselves in the circle and at WrestleMania II.
Weve picked out our five favourite days when athletes exchanged sports for sports entertainment…
The standard for sports celebrities entering WWE – at least for British fans – remains the 2015 appearance on Raw of Wayne Rooney.
After hearing Wade Barrett trash talk Manchester United (into a combination of cheers and boos from the Manchester audience ), Rooney was invited into the ring tobehave as a guy.
The then-United striker did not embarrass that request but when Barrett got in his face, he also delivered an slap whichBad News offered just like the pro that he is.
Putting the template to get the conflict between Tyson Fury of 2019 and Braun Strowman is your WrestleMania match between Floyd Mayweather and the Big Show.
Mayweather gave up two feet in height and also an extraordinary 240lbs in weight once he leaned with the giant in 2008 of WWE.
But, a right hook that was ferocious afterwards, he emerged with his record and went on to combat with Conor McGregor in a different battle between two fighters from various sports.
Ronda Rousey was a MMA fighter when she first stepped between the ropes although shed go on to have a glorious WWE career.
Hunting some support The Rock switched to Rousey in the audience and she shot Stephanie McMahon with an arm lock down.
On that day, there has been a spark lit which would result in one of the rookie years at the business background.
Having a goatee-sporting Michael Cole on interview obligation, mythical hard man of football Vinnie Jones vowed to find his namesake Vince McMahon backstage andknock him out.
Jones did get to liven Steve Austin for a Stunner on the Big Boss Man while he did not make good on this promise.
He then achieved an accolade which is with winning a domain – getting to share a beer with none aside from good old Stone Cold himself.
When Jose Mourinho was in the front row alongside his loved ones Possibly the least well known of the sporting celebrity involvements came in 2007 in a episode of Raw.
An extremely youthful looking Shane McMahon calls out Mourinho, describing him asthe head trainer of the Chelsea football match.
Said Raw was occurring a place, at Earls Court not a million miles away from Stamford Bridge. However, the audience was not prevented by that fact from erupting in a deafening chorus of boos.

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