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Having a College Football Playoff system which chooses four teams despite there being five conventions, someone must be left out. For the last two years, the Pac-12 has been. Even if the Big Ten had been retained out, it had an opportunity in the final week of school football.

The Pac-12 has been an afterthought in college soccer, and it seems to be that way this season. With each team having a loss, the conference has been written off by several. Is that fair to do, or do some groups have a opportunity?

Let us look at the teams in the conference. The group with the most hype coming into the season was Oregon, but they have not been talked about since their opening season loss to Auburn. They stay a one-loss team. They stay the very best opportunity for the summit. Matches are kept by Oregon and if Auburn proceeds to appear great, a chance is there.
Utah also came with a great deal of hype, but the narrative of the season changed. They seem to have no shot to earn the CFP. The last team with any expectation is Arizona State. It is crazy to think as a Playoff team of them, however they simply have one loss. You can not count a conference winner out in the Power 5.
They will need to hope for losses by top teams if one of these teams wish to make it. The Georgia loss to South Carolina has been a step in the right way, but we want more. The Big 12 requires the Big Ten and a one-loss winner would need a team with two losses to acquire everything. Clemson is just another group that could alter the narrative with a loss. Every one of these things dont need to happen, until at least 2 of those three things happen but I wouldnt consider a Pac-12 team. And, obviously, a person should win the remainder of their games. Thought is rarely gained by two-loss teams, if theyre in the Pac-12 and they will.
So, Im saying theres a opportunity. Theres a chance, and it goes against almost all school football odds, although the possibility is incredibly modest. BetOnline has Oregon at +5000 to win the College Football Playoff.

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