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Utah Jazz

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Vegas Over/Under: 40.5

Fromal’s Record Projection: 44-38
The Bet: Hammer the over The Utah Jazz went 51-31 final season. So how in the world are they expected to win only seven fewer games after losing their best player?
Well, the answer is simple: They didn’t really lose their best player.
Gordon Hayward’s death to the Boston Celtics stings, and the Jazz will have a tough time replacing his versatile creation. Even a dynamite rookie year from Donovan Mitchell can not possibly fill the emptiness, and also the small-forward thickness chart looks a little more uninspiring with Joe Ingles and Joe Johnson leading the charge.
However, Rudy Gobert remains patrolling Salt Lake City, prepared to show to the world he is indisputably among the NBA’s 20 best players.
Whereas Hayward completed Nos. 29 and 24, respectively, in’s RPM and NBA Math’s TPA, Gobert sat at Nos. 8 and 12 last season. He’s arguably the league’s best defensive player, and his amazing finishing ability across the rim makes him exceptionally valuable on the offensive end.
There is also the simple fact that the Jazz’s net rating increased by 5.7 points per 100 possessions without Hayward, but it fell by 11.3 with no Gobert. After the”Stifle Tower” suited up with his now-departed teammate, Utah still submitted a 5.5 net rating, per nbawowy. In the opposite situation, the internet rating stood in minus-6.9.
Utah will probably be worse this year. That much is apparent.
But they’re not dropping below .500. Frankly, they should not even be especially close to this mark.

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