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Great Sand Dunes - camping

We had a pretty busy summer immersed in Spanish. First, we spent a month in Puerto Rico with my husband’s side of the family and then we got  to hang out here in Colorado with my side of the family visiting from Peru and Mexico.

I’m not really sure how, but we also managed to squeeze in a camping trip to one of the most beautiful and unique areas our home state has to offer: the Great Sand Dunes National Park. My husband and I had been wanting to take the kids camping there for a while, but we wanted to wait for Santiago to be old enough. Since the park is extremely popular, we actually made our reservations several months before we went camping and it was totally worth the wait.

Although we’d gone camping with the kids twice before, both trips had been overnight and much closer to home. This time around, we stayed two nights and three days and drove about four hours to get to our destination. We made sure our kids were a part of the process from the beginning, which means they got to help us get everything ready for our camping trip and even to load the car: a 2013 Toyota RAV4 that I got to test drive during our trip to the Great Sand Dunes.

Toyota RAV4

I had never driven a RAV4 and I was impressed by how comfortable it is for a family of four. I will say I was a bit worried about the size of the trunk because it didn’t seem like we’d be able to fit all the stuff we packed for the camping trip, but I was pleasantly surprised. All in all, it was a smooth and pleasant ride to our destination.

Camping in the Great Sand Dunes is pretty surreal because the sand formations make you feel like you’re in the desert. We got a pretty good camping site with a clear view of the dunes. After setting up camp and getting used to our surroundings, we took the kids sand sledding and they had a blast.

Great Sand Dunes

We spent three wonderful days at the park with two other families who are also raising their kids bilingual. Besides listening to the adults speak Spanish at all times, my kids also got to learn a bunch of new vocabulary related to camping that we would otherwise never use at home. Words like carpa (or caseta like my husband likes to call a tent), fogata, estaca, bolsas de dormirrepelente de mosquitos and toldo are now ingrained in their little heads.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received a Toyota RAV4 to test drive for our camping trip to the Great Sand Dunes. No monetary compensation was received. As always, all opinions are my own.

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