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It is that time of the year again and back-to-school shopping is around the corner. Whether you are getting started with your shopping or towards the end, I am sure this list will help you stay on budget. After all, how many pencils can a child need right?

Throughout the years, teachers have become very creative when it comes to supplies. The truth is – we take the word ‘recycling’ to the next level. Did you know there are ‘pencil management’ strategies teachers try every day across the country? The rate at which pencils and erasers disappear in the classroom should be a good topic for someone’s PhD research (really!).

One thing for sure is that school supplies can get very expensive; therefore, when it comes to buying them for your child/children, keep in mind that quality is better than quantity. You will be amazed at how many erasers don’t actually erase or color pencils that you can sharpen indefinitely yet never be able to use them again.

Now lets talk germs. No one likes them (or at least I have not yet met anyone who does), but they are everywhere…and germs LOVE classrooms. That is why, whether on a supply list or not, it is important to make sure you send your child/children to school with a good hand sanitizer, and the dependable Kleenex tissues. Kleenex tissues now come with a special layer called “sneeze shield,” which just as the names states it – it’s a special layer of protection that will keep stuff out of kids hands and anything they touch (genius!).

Additionally –and this I love–Kleenex is partnering with Box Tops for Education this back-to-school season. This partnership is big because for every Box Top each student brings back, the school receives $0.10. You will be surprised at how quickly this Box Tops add up and in this tough economical times, schools can use all the help they can get. To date, Kleenex has donated over 13 million dollars to Box Tops for Education. So when out and about shopping for back to school, I know you have many choices; however, why not choose a product that is not only great but also gives back to the community? This is what I call smart shopping. And parents, classrooms can never have too many Kleenex tissues!

Back-to-School MUST Haves
Back-to-School MUST Haves by learningintwolanguages on Polyvore
2-Composition books (like them better than spiral ones)
3-Kleenex® tissues
6-Glue sticks
7-CRAYOLA pencils and markers
8-Hand sanitizer
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