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Words on Wednesday – SpanglishBaby Love!

When my son started speaking he also started mixing languages and I thought he was getting confused. Today, after learning more about raising a bilingual child, I understand that mixing languages is part of learning two or more languages and it is okay! I take it as a fun learning experience and when this happens I make sure I repeat the correct words in both English and Spanish and ask him to repeat them for me. So far it works.

At SpanishBaby Playground we have been sharing our niños words and phrases. Check out some of our favorites:

Melissa: “Until my son was about three, he always talked about “Salsa Claus” around Christmas.  Last year when I tried to hang on to it and kept referring to Salsa Claus, my son only corrected me without a second thought.”

Ana: “Me encanta que Camila siempre dice “la moona” para “la luna”! Suena divino!”

Patricia: “Mi nina dice “tijers” por decir scissors/tijeras, lindo escuchar los pequeños errores que hace porque está tratando de traducir todo al ingles.”

Nancy: “Sadie dice, “Coop” para cupo” There are so many other’s that have made laugh…”

Do you have a SpanglishBaby word or phrase you’d like to share with us? Join the conversation at Words on WednesdaysForum!

¡Ahí nos vemos!

I Spanglish, do you Spanglish?

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