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Mando - New Sesame Street Bilingual Latino Character

I just got back from PBS’ annual meeting, which took place in Miami this year and where I had the pleasure of meeting “Mando,” Sesame Street’s newest bilingual cast member who is Latino.

Ismael Cruz Córdova (Mando) is a charming and very talented 26-year-old actor who was born and raised in Puerto Rico and learned to speak English thanks to Sesame Street. I also had the chance to interview Carmen Osbah, who plays one of the other bilingual cast members — the lovable Rosita — and Carol-Lynn Parente, Sesame Street’s executive producer.

I must say I’m very pleased with Sesame Street’s continued commitment to represent a more diverse, multicultural and bilingual American neighborhood. I’m pretty sure you’ll love the new character Mando just as much as I already do, and so will our kids! I’m working on a more in-depth post with a lot of info about the new character and the actor who plays him,  but in the meantime we wanted to give you a taste of what’s to come in Sesame Street’s 44th season, so we’re sharing this short video clip which contains a special message for the SpanglishBaby familia from both Mando and Rosita.

¡Qué lo disfruten!

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