Enjoying a Rare Treat: A “Me” Day

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Disclosure: I have received a Toyota Prius V to drive for one year. No monetary compensation has been received. All opinions are my own. Read more here:

Last Sunday I got a very, very rare treat: a day all to myself in my own city. I seriously can’t remember the last time it happened that both my daughter and my husband were gone and it wasn’t because they were giving me alone time to work on our book or some other pending deadline. This time, my good friend Yolanda, and founder of Sassy Mama in L.A., invited Camila to spend the day with her daughter at the brand new Soak City in Orange County. Since the two girls are inseparable now, I was happy to have her go spend time with her. My husband had a motorcycle ride planned out with friends as well and that left me with absolutely no plans, no ballet classes to rush to in the mornings, and no hardcore deadlines to meet on a beautiful Sunday.

Oh, the joy!

And the best part is that the Toyota Prius had been delivered to us just 5 days before and since I had been traveling I hadn’t had a chance to really drive it at leisure and discover all its fabulousness. So I decided my big plan for the day would be that my Prius would take me to a place that I adore, that sets me “free,” that’s only 16 miles away, but I don’t visit enough: the Pacific Ocean.

As soon as Camila left, I packed up the ample trunk of the Prius V with a small beach chair and my beach bag and I headed out towards the PCH to meet my good, and way-too-neglected-by-me friend Andrea at her surfing spot where the PCH and Sunset Blvd. meet.

Parking was a hassle, but it all melted away once I sat on the beach to catch up with mi amiga. When she left to catch some waves, I just sat there on the sand clicking away pictures of her on the board because I know she loves to see them. I also did something I rarely ever get to do anymore: read a book!

I then headed out to catch up with another good friend, Maura of The Other Side of the Tortilla. She and her husband recently moved to L.A. and since my life has been crazy lately, I haven’t had real time to spend with her. I invited her to the Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica for some lunch on the beach. It’s one of my favorite spots on the beach because it’s so easy and beautiful.

The day ended quicker than I imagined, but the truth is that as much as I enjoyed this “Me” time and really needed it, I rushed home to go to the store to get some blueberries to make my girl a batch of banana-blueberry mini muffins to snack on when she got home.

Moms should not feel guilty of hitting the road by ourselves every once in a while and making what we want of our no-obligations day.

Share: What do you do when you get some “Me” time? What do you fantasize about doing with some “Me” time?

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