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Last week, I wrote a post about some of the things I’ve done to ensure my daughter Vanessa loves reading in Spanish. One of those things is leading by example. But since I read a lot more eBooks than regular books these days, I figured the time had come to show Vanessa what I’m doing every time she sees me with my Kindle.

I mean, I think she had an idea because I might have shown it to her before, but last week I decided to download a sample of one of the chapter book’s she’s hooked on and I let her play with it after I explained how to use it. She was enthralled and kind of disappointed when she was done with the short sample. She wanted more.

So I wasn’t surprised at all with the results of Scholastic’s most recent Kids and Family Reading Report. In its fourth edition, the national survey explores kids’ (ages 6-17) and their parents’ views on reading in the digital age and what influences impact kids’ reading.

Among the key findings, Scholastic revealed that the percentage of kids reading eBooks has nearly doubled since 2010 (from 25% to 46%) and that those who read them are reading a lot more — especially boys who tend to be more reluctant readers.

Since I’m all for anything that will get kids reading more — and because Vanessa showed such an interest in the sample I downloaded to my Kindle — I decided to go searching for eBook in Spanish for children… and I must say I was pleasantly surprised with my findings.

First of all, you should know I went through Tienda Kindle, which Amazon launched last year with over 30,000 titles in Spanish, and I chose the category infantil & juvenil. I didn’t really have a specific title I was looking for, so I just kind of browsed to see what I found.

The majority of the classics are 99 cents. There are a lot of translations, but there’s also a nice selection of books from the well-known publishing house Alfaguara Infantil.

Check out my finds:

1) Mi hermana quiere ser una sirena by Francisco Hinojosa

2) Princesita by Frances Hodgson Burnett

3) La coleccionista de palabras by Sonia Wimmer

4) El mágico color azul by Maite Gónzalez

Vanessa already started reading the first book on the list and she seems to be enjoying it. The best part is that now I have these books with me at all times, so she’ll never get bored.

{Photo by Tim Wilson}

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