Your SpanglishBaby: Sabrina

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Sabrina Marie Mateus

One of our amazing contributors, Suzanne García Mateus, introduces us to her beautiful baby girl.

Baby’s Name: Sabrina Marie Mateus

Parents Names: Suzanne & Marcus Mateus

City where you reside: Austin, Texas

Languages Spoken: We are speaking Spanish and English simultaneously with the intent of merging towards Spanish only. Still getting the hang of the life with a newborn and it makes our language goals difficult.

Age of Child: Almost 10 weeks. Born June 8th, 2010.

Languages spoken: Our bebita is exposed to Spanish, English, a little French.

We hope that by exposing Sabrina to three languages she will benefit socially and cognitively, while at the same time having fun becoming trilingual.


Send us a picture of Your SpanglishBaby and we´ll feature him/her right here. We’ll feature one SpanglishBaby per week.

Email your good quality picture to with the following info:

  1. Full Name of child (or children) and parents
  2. City where you reside
  3. Age of child
  4. Languages spoken
  5. In which way has speaking more than one language already been of benefit to him/her (a short sentence)

Can´t wait to meet them all!

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